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Jiujiang will Implement the Electronization of Centralized Payment of the National Treasury


The reporter learned from the Bureau of Finance of Jiujiang City that according to the unified deployment, Jiujiang will comprehensively carry out the centralized payment system of the national treasury and implement the e-management of payment since January 1, 2019. ?

It is learned that the electronization of centralized payment?of the national treasury, as a basic task for building the modern management system of the national treasury, will be helpful?to?construct the protective net for fund security and fundamentally consolidate the defensive line of the treasury funds. Through the integrated software for centralized payment of treasury in Jiangxi Province, the electronization of centralized payment among?the financial?departments, the People’s Bank of China, certain agent banks and budget?units will be implemented, thus facilitating the normalization of payment,?promoting the digitization of data and ensuring the safety of funds. (By Shen Mingjie | Jiujiang Daily)?